The Steady Eddies keep on tickin’


With apologies to Yeats, time is not always an endless song.

Time began anew last night, delivered by UPS.

I bought my last watch 39 years ago. It’s a Seiko, not a Timex, but John Cameron Swayze would be proud, nonetheless.

But nowadays when I adjust the date, the stem pops out completely if I’m not careful. A stem-winder it ain’t. In fact, I have to adjust the date daily, as the function doesn’t work at all. Ditto for the day. But I don’t bother setting the day, since I can’t read the type anymore. Whoever dreamed up blue type against a black background deserves a bit of a stem-winding of the neck.

All of which is to explain why I finally had to buy a new watch. If this one lasts 39 years … heck, if this one last 39 years, I’ll be 107 years old!

I ordered it Sunday from Amazon, where cyberMonday was already in full tilt boogie. Saved 56% — ka-ching!

My taste in watches has not changed much in 39 years. It’s another Seiko; with longevity going for it, why would I change brands? The background color of the new face is white instead of black. And I hadn’t noticed until I had them side by side, but the old one has lost a bit of its luster. Beyond that, the new timepiece is still just a mid-priced, middle-class watch. Not a two-buck waste, not a Rolex. Just a dependable watch.

Something Mrs. Foellinger would call a Steady Eddie. Back in the day at Union University, Betty Hillix Foellinger was chair and chief bottle washer of the journalism department. She WAS the journalism department. And in the days of Vietnam and Nixon and the explosion of investigative reporting, riding herd over youngsters hell-bent on changing the world was not an easy task.

She encouraged the constant. The steadfast. The dependable.

But I digress … or do I?

Here’s to you, Mrs. Foellinger, a real stem-winder.







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