The deed is done

GraceWorksGraceWorks employees John and Staffon did the heavy lifting as we contributed 500 music CD’s in the final step of converting my entire music library to the world of the cloud.

On August, 9 I wrote about converting my music CD library to digital. The process was completed today with a donation of 500 CD albums to GraceWorks Ministries, a non-profit here in Franklin.

You’ll remember that in last week’s blog, I bemoaned the fact that used-record stores weren’t all that excited about my 600-CD collection. But one reader emailed and said they’d like to buy a few as a birthday present.  They ended up selecting 100 CD’s in exchange for a donation to the youth ministries at our church. “Our” church indeed; both she and we are founding members of Christ United Methodist Church here in Franklin.

If you’d like a shot as some mighty fine music, call GraceWorks at 615-794-9055. It’ll probably take them a few days to get all the albums processed and priced.

Oh, and one other thing. If you’re needing a few empty CD holders, don’t buy them new at Staples or wherever. The donation to GraceWorks also included about 100 empty jewel boxes.

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